Giving tough feedback to staff

If you are struggling to tackle a difficult conversation with a member of staff, let us show you how to make this essential task both positive and productive.

Universally well received by delegates … I would recommend this as part of any management development programme.

Rachel Walsh – Strategy and Regulations Manager at Accent Group

Sue is an outstanding coach and trainer … it is clear that [she] has a high level of knowledge and expertise in her field.

Dr Helen Ann Deane – HDC Training and Consultancy

Sue provides a clear framework with a consistent approach for Managers to deal with challenging conversations.

Clare White, Professional Development & Training Manager – Redbridge College

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Some simple facts


Workers who are ‘actively disengaged’ and would support activity detrimental to the organisation


Employees worldwide who are engaged in their work, are happy and actively contributing


Staff with the potential to become high-performing managers with the right training and support


Increase in profitability achieved by top-performing managers over their average counterparts


Increase in employee performance as a result of high-quality formal reviews


Managers who are not effective at formal reviews


What can we do for you?

The figures clearly show the significant number of employees who do not feel engaged with the organisations in which they work, and the increase in results and profits that trained and supported managers deliver.

Converse Well’s engaging, pragmatic and purposeful training programs will leave your managers feeling confident, empowered and motivated to inspire their staff and to tackle even the most difficult of feedback conversations.

  • Workshop or 1-2-1 support – practical help for managers who are working with difficult staff
  • Training on how to conduct formal investigations – enabling your managers to stay within the law and gain the right outcomes
  • Bespoke mediation services – helping you to resolve disputes between key individuals or team in your organisation
  • Staff engagement surveys – measuring how committed your staff are to your organisation and to your managers
  • Bespoke management training – integrating our valuable content into a larger management development program
  • Keynote speaking – insightful and entertaining presentations for conferences and development days

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To find out how Converse Well can help you turn difficult feedback situations into opportunities to motivate and engage your staff, call 020 8870 9036 or 07734 944 515 or email

How to fire staff so they thank you – OUT NOW

How to fire staff so they thank you – ‘Fire Well’ the book - all about difficult conversations at work

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About Converse Well

Converse Well was created by Sue Ingram in 2010 in order to train and to provide support to hard working and committed managers in holding difficult conversations with staff. Converse Well’s workshops on ‘How to Fire People and Have Them Say Thank You’ has been delivered to over a 1000 participants in both the private and public sectors and is delivered as part of Lancaster University’s International MBA program.

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