One negative person can flatten the energy within a team and kill creativity and productivity. This was clearly demonstrated to me during a workshop I facilitated.

As soon as this individual entered the room it was clear that they had a negative attitude to the company and consequently to the training course they had commissioned. Unfortunately, they successfully recruited two friends to join them and they proceeded to sit with their backs to the main group, arms folded and whispering amongst themselves. Even though I made attempts to engage with them and encourage their contribution nothing had an impact and their behaviour continued.

The effect they had on the other participants was profound.  People stopped volunteering comments and the energy in the room was flat and heavy.  Also facilitating the workshop was no longer fun for me, it became hard work.  I found myself expending huge amounts of effort in a vain attempt to try and compensate for the atmosphere created but just ONE negative person.

As soon as possible I spoke with sponsoring managers and then asked the individual to leave the room.  When they did things improved immediately.  There was a sense of relief in the room and, without the influence of the negative individual, their two companions changed their behaviour and started to engage in group discussions.

This is the impact that just one negative person can have within a team.  Which leads me to ask, has your job as manager been transformed into a draining experience through the impact of one negative person?  Do you find yourself spending energy and effort in an attempt to lift the energy and productivity of your team? If so, take action now. There may be a chance to change their attitude but, if that is not possible, they need to leave the organisation as soon as possible.  It can be done.  Call me now and don’t have yourself, or your team, suffer any longer.

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