I sent this statement out as a tweet earlier in the week but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, particularly as I had some scary things myself to face this week.

For many managers the scary thing is that difficult conversation with a staff member  –  but once faced and done they feel great!!

The need for that difficult conversation could have been simmering for weeks, months, maybe even years.  Perhaps the problem was never a BIG problem, just a little problem that wouldn’t go away.  And little problems, when they are repeated again and again, can wear away at the heart of a working relationship – just like a dripping tap, left unchecked, can create a hole in stone.

So finally the manager has had enough.  They have planned the conversation, discussed it with their senior manager, HR and then did the scary thing – they had the difficult conversation!  Often they are then heard to say ‘I should have done it month’s ago!’  The misunderstandings have now been sorted, clear expectations set and there is a sense of going forward rather than continually falling back  –  suddenly being brave was so worth it.

My big scary thing this week was standing in front of a camera to record my first ever professionally produced video.  And boy, do I feel good having seen the finished article!  Life is Made Good by doing Scary Things – what is your scary thing that would make you feel so good when it is done?

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