How we help – courses, workshops and support packages to help managers to hold difficult conversations

Converse Well is known for providing engaging, pragmatic and purposeful training that leaves managers feeling confident, empowered and motivated to inspire their staff and to tackle the most difficult of feedback conversations.

Together we can create the very best management team for your organisation – managers who are able to build vibrant, energized and focused teams where each individual actively wants to be part of your organisation’s success story.

Here are some examples of our most popular offerings…

Difficult conversations workshop

A two day core program for managers at all levels within your organisation; watch the one minute video for a course overview…


What participants gain:

  • Pragmatic solutions on how to address poor performance and poor attitude within your organisation
  • Support and solutions for any immediate poor performance situations
  • Sense of a cohesive management team as they discuss and support each other in application of your organisation’s own policies and procedures
  • Insight in how to motivate and inspire individuals whilst holding them accountable to required improvements
  • Information on the essential legal issues all managers need to be aware of
  • What to say at each stage of the capability or disciplinary process
  • Completed Performance Management Plan for each member of the team, including recognising and rewarding good performance
  • Ability to performance manage and dismiss individuals with the minimum of bad feeling, where possible being thanked for their actions
  • Confidence to take immediate action

Bounce packs

Immediate 1-2-1 support for organisations in managing difficult people, packaged in bundles of four or six 1 hour conversations

  • Tailored advice to meet the specific context and of an individual case
  • Support provided by seasoned HR managers who have been there and got the T-shirt
  • Opportunity to discuss all the ramifications of the situation and determine the next actions
  • Clarity around the message that needs to be communicated and how to say it

Conducting formal investigation workshop

A one-day workshop for any staff required to conduct formal investigations

What participants gain:

  • Clear understanding of their role in the formal investigation process
  • Understanding how to remain professionally impartial throughout
  • How to contract for each interview in order to gain as much information as possible
  • Techniques for questioning and checking assumptions and perceptions
  • Format for writing reports and presenting evidence
  • Practice at conducting interviews

Mediation services

A series of 1-2-1 meetings to resolve disputes between key individuals, or teams, within your organisation

What the organisation gains:

  • A calm and professional resolution to divisive issues
  • An agreed and mutual understanding between parties
  • An action plan going forward

Staff engagement survey

Statistical evidence to determine how committed your staff are to their workplace and to their managers

  • Provides benchmark information before management training
  • Provides an opportunity to celebrate when indicators improve and staff become more engaged


For events, conferences and development days

An insightful and entertaining presentation on managing people and how staff can drive sane managers to insanity!

  • Tips, ideas and actions to take away and try with staff to increase their performance and engagement in the workplace
  • Inspiring managers to hold regular conversations with their staff, small or long, informal or formal and to enjoy the task of motivating their teams

Bespoke management training

Our core workshops can be provided as part of a fully integrated management development program

Elements included in past programs:

  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Creating self-accountable teams
  • Managing difference
  • Personality types and how they inform successful communication
  • 360° management feedback and debriefing
  • Time management

To find out how Converse Well can help you turn difficult feedback situations into opportunities to motivate and engage your staff, call 020 8870 9036 or 07734 944 515 or email