Stay on track this month by creating some powerful new connections.

Forget money – connections really do make the world go round! If people feel a connection with you, they will go the extra mile to help you wherever they can, so make February the month when you purposefully increase your connections. Start close to home and have a connection conversation with colleagues and co-workers who could provide valuable support in 2015:

Your boss. Suggest a coffee, a chat, anything that means you have a conversation without an agenda and without a deadline. Get to know their thoughts, their goals, their concerns and worries. Share your own. The best opportunity for this is when you can arrange to travel together – conversations in a car, on a train, in a hotel bar are rich connection points.

Support staff in your office. The receptionist, security guard, cleaner.  These people make things happen and are so often completely taken for granted. A pause, a smile, hello, joke about the weather and ‘How are you today?’ go a long way to ensure they know that you truly appreciate their contribution.

A new recruit in another department. Don’t wait to be introduced. Go introduce yourself, tell them how you can help them, any crucial things they can help you with and, if possible, invite them to visit your team, share a cup of coffee and learn all about what you are working to achieve.

Connection – easy to create – just takes a smile, a hello and a conversation!

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