Agree? No I thought you wouldn’t! However when it comes to where companies spend their training money this statement appears to be true.

I was in a hotel delivering one day’s management training to a group. And this one day was as a result of a small tussle with the company over budgets as their original idea was half a day! It was in the lift that I got talking to a guy who was excited about attend another training course in the same hotel. A five day training course on the computer Sun Operating System.

Obviously computers are more complex than people!

This left me wondering why?? Why is five days OK to invest in understanding a computer system but only one day in understanding people?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that computers are actually simpler than humans. Send someone on a five day course and you know what you will get back – a confident individual backed up with a hefty manual containing all the information he will need.

But training an individual to become a manager is far more complex. It is more of a journey, a process. With training courses providing ideas, concepts and, most importantly, challenges to set patterns of thinking and behavior.

I think it is time we accept the hard truth. If it takes five days to train an individual to become proficient at operating a computer system it will take longer to train an individual to become proficient at operating human beings. We need to be honest, grasp the nettle, and be prepared to invest cash and time if we want individuals to be the managers our organisations and employees truly deserve.

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